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    Trigger Tableau Bridge Client using command line


      Hi all,



      The following process is used to refresh data on Tableau Online.

      Today I have a process where every 30 min windows scheduler triggers a code that extracts data, runs tableau prep(using cli) and writes its to a tableau extract(.hyper) or CSV. While tableau bridge runs every 30 min with a 20 min(typical time to execute the code) offset from the code trigger time. This is working to keep the data refreshed. However, as you might have noticed both the code trigger(windows scheduler) and tableau bridge are independent. The issues this might cause

      1. In events of code taking more time to run, tableau bridge client would not know that information and uses the old data for refreshing

      2. Worst-case scenario: bridge client is trying to refresh while my code writing the data, thus causing refreshes errors.


      So, I was wondering if I can run tableau bridge using cli within the code so that they would not be an overlap between the two processes/



      let me know if you need further clarification