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    YoY Chart with Forecast

    Vinay Seeruthun



      I'm trying to create a Year on Year chart using Blending to include the budgeted values but i'm encountering a few issues.


      • I would like to show Last Year sales versus This year - When I use my budget (blended file) as primary this means I lose Last years sales
      • When I switch my sales to be primary, I then lose the budget for the full year and it only displays the months for which I have sales
      • I only want to show data for the current and previous financial years + this years financial budget


      • I would like to include a forecast line, that is based on growth from last year, multiplied by the sales for the previous years' month that forecasts sales until the rest of the current month. E.g. 14/10/19 to 31/10/19 = (14/10/18 to 31/10/18)*(1+Growth)


      Has anyone who's done something similar able to offer any advice on the best way to achieve the visualization I require?


      Thanks in advance!