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    context filter limitations in tableau




      context filter limitations in tableau.




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          Don Wise


          Are you asking a question or ???  More information on Context Filters can be found here: Improve View Performance with Context Filters - Tableau Best, Don


          To improve performance of context filters, especially on large data sources, follow these general rules.

          • Using a single context filter that significantly reduces the size of the data set is much better than applying many context filters. In fact, if a filter does not reduce the size of the data set by one-tenth or more, it is actually worse to add it to the context because of the performance cost of computing the context.
          • Complete all of your data modeling before creating a context. Changes in the data model, such as converting dimensions to measures, require recomputing the context.
          • Set the necessary filters for the context and create the context before adding fields to other shelves. Doing this work first makes the queries that are run when you drop fields on other shelves much faster.
          • If you want to set a context filter on a date you can use a continuous date. However, using date bins like YEAR(date) or context filters on discrete dates are very effective.

          If your data set is heavily indexed, context filters may not provide performance improvement and may actually cause slower query performance.

          Context filters can adversely affect any query performance improvements when using the Include joined tables only when referenced option in the Tables dialog box. See the note at the bottom of Join Your Data.



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