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    Help with data blending

    elliot Roland



      I'm using 3 Tableau Server sources in a Tableau desktop project and would like to proceed to data blending with 2 of them but it doesn't work.


      Maybe if i set an exemple here, someone might be able to help me ? :




      - Let's pretend I have my primary source to the left (OFFI and OVVI), and my secondary source with dates and values to the right

      My dashboard filter on OFFI (as a context, so it filters automatically every dashboard and every calculation sheets)

      So if I open a new calculation sheet, my event filter appears.


      How I proceed :

           1) I create a new calculation sheet

           2) Event filter is effective and event choosen is OFFI

           3) I drop ID code field from the secondary source in my new calculation sheet, and it displays ONLY 5833. So it works.

           4) Then I drop Date from secondary source, since I want all dates and all values relative to 5833

               But when I drop the date field, it displays : " * "

               What i would like is exactly this :




      I made a similar exemple in Tableau (ou cna find the TWBX attached).


      Could you tell me if it's possible and if yes, what am I doing wrong ?