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    How to display week numbers?

    sampath kumar

      Hi All,


      1.) Requirement - I have data to display Weekly wise irrespective of any given month. To display Mahfooj Khan

      Week 1

      Week 2

      Week 3

      Week 4

      Week 5


      I used below calculation


      {FIXED YEAR([Date]),MONTH([Date]):MIN(DATEPART('week',[Date]))}


      2nd calculation:


      CASE DATEPART('week',[Date])

      WHEN [Min week] THEN "Week1"

      WHEN [Min week]+1 THEN "Week2"

      WHEN [Min week]+2 THEN "Week3"

      WHEN [Min week]+3 THEN "Week4"

      WHEN [Min week]+4 THEN "Week5"

      WHEN [Min week]+5 THEN "Week6"