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    Creating a table which display the dimension values along with the calculated column in the column shelf.

    Sowmya Pai

      I need to display a table as in the image where I display individual quarters and the calculated column QoQ which is calculated from the max(Qtr) and its previous quarter value.

      I have calculated the QoQ. But I am unable to display the data in the format since Qtrs containing the Q1'18,Q1'19 etc is a dimension and QoQ is a measure.

      Can someone guide me how I can achieve this?

      The Table contains - Q1'18,Q1'19, Q2'18,Q2'19, QoQ.


      I need the above mentioned Quarters along with QoQ in one single table and as separate columns. Any help is highly appreciated.

      Attached is the image of the view that i am looking for.


      Please help ASAP.