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    Customer Analysis without Table Calc

    Nagaraj Koranthota

      Step 1:

      • who are the Top N customers for each product and % of Total sales contribution by Product.

      Step 2:

      • Identify the Customers who contributes to the cumulative <= 60%  for each product.


      I want to create viz base on this at aggregated level.

      I want to achieve this in Calculated field may be an LOD ? as I have different levels of aggregation and do not want to use Tableau's table calculation.

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          Matt Lutton

          Can you explain why you do not want to use Table Calculations?  I guess if you're looking to pass calculations back to the data source this could make sense, but they are extremely powerful for customer analysis once a viz is created with the proper dimensions on Rows/Columns/The Marks card.


          If I could understand a bit more about what you're hoping for that would help me to help you -- any chance of a mockup of expected results?

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            Nagaraj Koranthota

            Thanks for your reply.

            I want to use this on my company dataset and since it is sensitive data, I am trying to do it first in default data source.

            Identify the Top 5 customers where cumulative % of Total > lets say 60% in this case and I want this to be dynamic.

            If you have any ideas better Visualizing this data set, let me know.