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    Blended Data Sources - Not showing Nulls


      Hello!  I am new to Tableau and was hoping someone can help with my Blending issue.   I would like to see all the data whether or not there is a null in any column.   However, when I add the date filters it does not show any rows if there is a null value in either column.    I understand that when Blending data sources, it performs a Left Join.    In the Workbook that I have attached, there are three Data Sources that I have blended together on 'Employee' key.   The first Data Source contains all the Employees that are in both the other two data sources.   In the view, I am filtering to see only dates in September in the 2nd and 3rd data source.    I have also grabbed the SQL statements from Tableau Log Viewer and tried creating a LEFT join in the Data Source tab and I was able to achieve the correct results.  So I'm sure its just some setting that i am missing when blending.    The 'show empty rows' and 'show empty columns' menu options are greyed out under  Analysis -> Table Layout.


      1. All Employees


      2. Monthly Sales Requirement


      3. Actual Sales



      Actual Result