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    Help - Error Generating Trusted Ticket. Value of Ticker is -1

    Tom V

      Hi Vizalert community.


      I currently having an issue setting up Vizalert for my Tableau.


      I have gone through the instruction on the installation page multiple time and everything seem to be set up properly. I even follow the instruction on the Tableau link to test generating a trusted key with my test user and that all went well. I confirmed that my host ip have been captured in Tableau server.


      VizAlerts/install_guide.md at master · tableau/VizAlerts · GitHub


      Test Trusted Authentication - Tableau


      Add Trusted IP Addresses or Host Names to Tableau Server - Tableau


      However, I am still generating the error you see in my attachment and unable to receive any email alert and not sure what I am doing wrong at this point and in need of your assistance.


      When I swap 'Postdata: username=SomeTableauServerUser' for my own credential within the config file, I do not get the trusted value ticket is -1 error but instead, the error will be 'Email failed to send: [Errno 10061] No Connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.