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    Emphasise individual circle in jitter box plot

    Joel MacRae

      Hi all,


      CONTEXT: Creating student performance data analysis, eventually to be summarised in a functional dashboard. One aspect of the visualisation is to select a student and a course and show their relative position within a box plot distribution.


      PROBLEM: I cannot seem to effectively emphasise an individual circle in a jitter box plot. See below:



      I have successfully :

      • created the distribution of circles and box plot
      • jittered the circles
      • made the circles partially transparent
      • conditionally coloured the circles according to their mark
      • created a parameter to have a different colour for the selected student.


      Seems like I have achieved it right? Well pedantic me is not happy with this. The problem arises when the reduced opacity blends the highlighted circle with the other circles. As can be seen in the image above, Jason, the selected student, has the highlighted colour but because the circle eclipses with another circle, the reduced opacity means the colours blend and ruining the intended highlight effect. Please note that the attached workbook is just a dummy set of data, my real data has much larger set of student scores and this means that the highlight is non existent, especially when the circle is in the middle of the distribution.


      I have tried to do some research and made some attempts. Namely, I tried creating a duplicate "Mark" measure to create a dual axis and separate formatting; but of course when I filter for a student, it filters both duplicates of the "Mark" measure. I have not found anywhere in my research a way to have a different opacity for different parts of a filter. Additionally, I have tried playing around with different sized circles but that was equally unsatisfactory.


      QUESTION: How can I make the individual selected circle have a format that will be very distinct while keeping the jitter, the conditional colours and opacity of the other circles ib the way I have formatted already?

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          Soumitra Godbole

          Hi Joel,


              Thanks for another magnificent and thought provoking problem. I seem to enjoy these type

          of unusual problems where I have no clue as how to proceed. Anyway, here is my simple approach

          to this problem. Essentially we would like to see it in 3 dimensions (Hologram would be great) or

          a simple Orthographic Projection is my way to go about in 2 D.


              For the field "Choose players", I would use shapes and Color so as to make it twice as easy to find.

          Also size would be an important factor as we are interested primarily in seeing the Highlighted ones

          (a larger size). I have attached the twbx file below and here is what I have.


             In the visual below, I started with your view as the Front View (X-Y plane). Then the Z axis would

          be going into the screen.



          Hope this helps and you can experiment a bit too as I have tried something out of the blue.

          Try changing shapes, adjust the size using the formula to assign different values. Best wishes !




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            Joel MacRae

            Hey Soumitra,


            I am slowly chipping away at my ptoject. This issue is a tricking one. I think i simply need to play around with the size, colour and shapes to maximise what I intend to highlight.


            When I get to the point where I have finalised all of the elements of my dashboards individually and start bringing them together, that is when I will decide on the way forward.


            There is likely to be follow up questions,


            Thanks for your help as always!

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