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    Tabcmd filter not working syntax is correct

    Suzanne Kern

      When I paste script from BAT file in Tableau server report, it applies filter correctly.

      But when I run BAT file, filter does not apply - pdf is generated but without filter.

      Based upon another users posting, I checked to make sure I have "Filter" and "Download Full Data" permissions - which I do.

      Any idea what could be causing this?


      Capture.JPG Capture2.JPG


      cd "C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\2018.3\extras\Command Line Utility"

      tabcmd login -s https://orbitbi-tableau.XXXX.com -u XXXX -p XXXX* -site ORxDash

      tabcmd export -t ORxDash BEHEPCClinicalReport/CMPHEPCMetrics?Carrier%20ID=ABCD --pdf  -f "C:\export\testHepCcarrierID.pdf"

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          Steve Martin

          Hi Suzanne,


          I actually came across this problem 4 years ago, its not actually a Tableau problem but command line and it will only appear when you try to execute the command file through the interpreter.


          Change ?Carrier%20ID to ?Carrier%%20ID - the percentage symbol is an escape character in the command line so must be entered twice for the space character (%20) better yet, replace spaces with underscores so you can avoid this problem going forwards


          If it helps, you can see my original post on this, and the steps I took and methods used to identify the cause and resolve it here: tabcmd print pdf automation problem