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    Why is it so hard to graph multiple lines on the same graph?


      It finally happened. I found an issue that even after days of googling and reading forums I can't resolve.


      I have a table something like this:

      Book ## of text pages# of pictures# of blank pages
      Book 1


      Book 2151020
      Book 3201510


      One dimension (Book) and multiple measures (# of..).

      I want a pretty simple graph, that shows ranking of each Book by measure - something similar to a bump chart.

      So I created 3 calculated measures "Rank of # of text pages" etc, which just return a value 1, 2 or 3 for each book for each column. So far so good.

      Then I go to graph these, and I would like one Y axis with the different Book #s, and one X axis where the rankings of each book for each of the measures is differentiated by color. But instead, I just get a bunch of different graphs on different Y axes.

      Why is something that would take 2 min to do in Excel, so difficult to accomplish on Tableau? I cannot pivot what I'm graphing, because the calculated values are calculated based off how they are laid out in the sheet. I'm at my wit's end and any help is much appreciated