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    Delete and Add Favorites (Views/Workbooks) of a User

    Ramesh N

      Hi All,


      Recently I have recreated a set of reports with different datasource and moved existing projects/workbooks to a different folder (Archive) and replaced them with the new reports.


      All the users have their set of favorites on old reports and they are not able to access old reports (removed subscriptions to old reports and added to new).
      So I need to delete favorites (on old reports/views) of each user and add the same set of new reports/views as favorites.


      Right now I am able to look at the favorites of each user by connecting to PostFreSQL instance but could not delete/add with this process.


      Tried with options mentioned @ below links
      Favorites Methods - Tableau


      DELETE /api/api-version/sites/site-id/favorites/user-id/views/view-idsite-id? user-id? view-id?


      Could some help me in deleting the old favorites and add favorites to each user.


      Thanks is advance,