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    How to create a warning message

    Abdul Balogun

      I have a filter in tableau where a user can select "Valid/Scrn In", "Screened Out"  or "All" in terms of the data. I want to set the default selection to "Valid/Scrn In", is that possible? and also is there a way for me to create a warning message to where its possible for a user to select options other than  "Valid/Scrn In" but if they do, some kind of warning message is shown on the dashboard telling the user they are straying away from valid data? and if so how can I accomplish that?

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          Kalyan Allam



          It is possible to have a default selection in filter. You just need to select the appropriate value before publishing the dashboard to the server. As per the warning message, you need to create a separate sheet where you write the warning message and show that particular sheet when someone filters something other than what you intend them to do. You have to use sheet swapping methods to bring the warning message. you can find few methods on sheet swapping here - http://drawingwithnumbers.artisart.org/tag/swapping-worksheets/


          These methods might not help you directly, but it will certainly give you an idea of how to use them for your particular problem.



          Kalyan Allam