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    Attention 'Workbooks' database/Tableau Server experts

    James Harding

      I am a relatively new user to tableau, and I have been assigned a project to build a dashboard which is essentially a control report regarding all of the workbooks/views that have been published on the server by my team at work. This report will include info such as associated data connections, workbook owner, datasource owner, refresh schedule etc. This info can be acquired by joining a variety of different tables from the workbooks database relatively easily and querying it.


      However, one of the requirements is to compute how long overdue failed refreshes are (e.g. if there's an extract that was scheduled to refresh daily at midnight, and it has failed for the past 3 days, then it's 3 days overdue). I was thinking the calculations/tables/variables to use would be: (the current timestamp) - (the timestamp of 'most_recent_refreshes.created_at' [IF most_recent_refreshes.is_failure = Yes]). If so, then I can write a SQL query to return this data.


      I was worried though that this will calculate the time between right now and only the most recent refresh fail, and not the initial one - thus not giving an accurate indicator of how overdue the scheduled refresh truly is.


      Let me know your thoughts, any help/advice is appreciated. Thanks