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    Filter by week including days that overlap 2 months

    Arnaud Soler



      I am trying to display data weekly.

      So I have first a dashboard with a monthly view, then I added an action to display the data weekly (in another dashboard) according to the month the user chose to show (and then click).

      I have the data for each day so I use the dimension 'Week number' to aggregate my daily data and then show my percentages by week. Here is my example: the week 40 starts from 30th of September and ends on 6th of October (FYI I changed the date properties to set the first day of the week as Monday). But if I try to show the weekly data for each week within October (which means week 40 up to 44) then I will miss the values of the 30th of September and also the 3 first days of November in my weekly basis because Tableau does not consider them as part of October (even if I decide to show the entire week).

      Do you know how could I solve that ? By using calculated field maybe ?


      My "Start Date" dimension contains all days from 30th of September until now.

      Here is the screen of my sheet (I am not allowed to share my dashboard in case you are wondering).


      Thank you for the help !