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    Problem with towns locations on the map.

    Sameh Adel

      I'm trying to plot a map for Trinidad and Tobago to reflect some values as in attached excel file. The problem is Tableau doesn't recognize the towns (sub-cities) and recognize the cities well, although when I zoom-on on the map I see these towns existed in the map with borders too, but unfortunately Tableau consider them unknown.


      Note: I'm sure there is no misspelling in my data, and I know I got fix it in edit location option by placing the longitude and latitude for each one, but this option really exhausting when working with over 300 cities and towns.



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          Ken Flerlage

          You have Town is set up with a geographic property of "State/Province". I think you'd probably want that to by City.

          Even then, it doesn't seem to recognize all the cities. Tableau has a pretty nice geocoding database that allows these things to be mapped easily, but it doesn't contain every possible geographic entity, unfortunately. So, in some cases, you may need to geocode your data before bringing it into Tableau.