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    Group header for table columns

    Jilani Shaik

      In table with 3 columns like Dim1,Dim2 and Dim3 . Columns Dim1 and Dim2 shares a common header named Dim4.

      displaying the header Dim4 in the dashboard using text-box . But when we download the table as pdf or crosstab, only the table columns names are getting downloaded whereas the header is missed.


      Kindly help us whether we can add group header to the table or can the text-box value also be displayed when the table is downloaded.

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          Stephen Rizzo

          How to do this depends on whether your columns Dim1-Dim3 are each their own separate field in your data or just different values of some dimension [Dim].


          If those are separate fields, you will need to unpivot those fields into [Field Names] and [Field Values] fields. You can then create a calculated field [Header]  : IF [Field Names] = "Dim1" OR [Field Names] = "Dim2" THEN "Dim4" ELSE "" END


          If those are values of the dimension [Dim], you can create a similar [Header] calculation: [Header] : IF [Dim] = "Dim1" OR [Dim] = "Dim2" THEN "Dim4" ELSE "" END


          Either way, you can add [Header] to "Columns" alongside either [Field Names] or [Dim] to get what you want.