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    Publishing a Workbook with an extract data source from Tableau Desktop to Tableau Online and keeping it up to date

    Adam Augustine

      I have a Workbook I've created in Tableau Desktop that uses an Extract instead of a Live connection, because the SQL data source is huge and very slow when working on it.  My question is because desktop is dealing with an extracted dataset, when I publish this workbook to Tableau Online do I just set the datasource as an extract, embed credentials, and then get it scheduled in Tableau Bridge? 


      Currently I have a couple of Workbooks that use a live connection in desktop and then I publish using an extract and i just schedule the refresh in bridge and all is well.  I don't know if my datasource in desktop is an extract if this all functions the same way.  I'm pretty new to Tableau and I've searched for an answer, but I haven't seen it yet.