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    How do I omit rows that result in a zero in this graph?

    Alyssa Chapman

      I have the following graph set up to show how many instances of past due a user by category...


      How do I tell the data to omit any lines from the visual where there is nothing present?



      Here is the columns - rows view (there is sensitive data in the full screen shot so I had to chunk it out). I have tried various filters and its not working out how I hoped. In the example above, I want it to only show the bars for that row in this horizontal bar graph that have a result so more rows of data can fit on the page and omit unnecessary stuff (i.e. we would only see "Times Past Due 1-30" and "Times Past Due 31-60" and the other three rows would not be visible.


      I would like to apply this to the entire horizontal bar graph.


      Any ideas?  Thank you