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    Tableau Server 2018.2.10: Parameter & GoToSheet Actions?

    Riley Hun

      Hello everyone,


      I am experiencing frustrating problems transferring all the functionality from my dashboard that was developed on Tableau Desktop 2019.2 to Tableau Server 2018.2.10. The parameter and gotosheet actions were working fine on desktop, and are needed in the sense that I have a table of all customers and their respective propensity to buy new products. Then the user could select a specific customer account (this is where the parameter action is used to change the value of the parameter), and redirected to a separate view containing all the data pertaining only to that specific customer (this is where the gotosheet action fits in). Unfortunately, I was unaware that these are new features added to Tableau 2019.2 and therefore, not compatible with the version we are using for Tableau Server.


      So with that said, are there any workarounds to the above?


      Thanks in advance!