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    Using Parameter calculation

    surya N

      hi there,



      i am attaching the sheet. i will get data for each and every half hour and i want to separate  the data according to the parameter. when i am selecting the parameter the data should be sorted. can some help. i want all the records in current day but in 30 min and  1 hour it should be sorted according to the data selection.



      please help






      i have written the calculation and calling the parameter






      if [Time Selection]='30min' then (if DATEDIFF("minute",[Interval TimeStamp],[Latest Interval TimeStamp])<=30 then [Service No] END)



      elseif [Time Selection]='1hour' then (if DATEDIFF("minute",[Interval TimeStamp],[Latest Interval TimeStamp])<=59 then [Service No] end)



      elseif [Time Selection]='Current day' then (if (Date([Interval TimeStamp])=today()) then [Service No] end)



      elseif [Time Selection]='Current week' then (if DATEDIFF("day",[Interval TimeStamp],today()) >= 0 and DATEDIFF("day",[Interval TimeStamp],today()) <= 6 then [Service No] end)



      elseif [Time Selection]='Current month' then (if DATEDIFF('month',[Interval TimeStamp],today()) >= 0 and DATEDIFF('month',[Interval TimeStamp],today()) < 12 then [Service No] end)