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    Tableau Public not recognizing dashboard language

    Fallyn Thompson

      Hi everyone,

      I work for a Canadian organization and we need to publish our visuals in both English & French on Tableau Public.

      I've published a workbook and everything is translated to FR, however, the automatically generated filter "(All)" switches to English when I upload the workbook to Tableau Public.


      Without changing your OS, is there any way to force Tableau to upload in a particular language/ display a dashboard in French?

      OR is there any way to add an alias to the auto quick filter "(All)" that's generated?


      The workbook is published here: Tableau Public


      Any help is greatly appreciated!!


      Update for anyone with the same question: I've spoken with the Tableau team and the reason Tableau Public is reverting to English is apparently being caused by a bug. If I'm understanding correctly, normally when you upload a dashboard in a set language and then match the language setting in Tableau Public, the dashboard will maintain the language chosen. I've opened a bug report to have the glitch resolved & hopefully it will be fixed soon! Thank-you to everyone who replied below.