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    Unioning/Joining 2 different data sources that contain their own joins

    Brian Buchanan

      Hi All,

      I have 2 data sets which are distinct but similar that I would like to combine, but I am so far having no luck in doing so. Below is a table showing the relationships between sources:


      Main Data SourceJoined Data Sources
      Inpatient ListingInpatient Complications
      Inpatient Returns to ED
      Inpatient Readmissions
      Day Care ListingDay Care Complications
      Day Care Returns to ED
      Day Care Readmissions


      What I would like to have is essentially a union of the 4 joined Inpatient sources with the 4 joined Day Care sources. The Day Care and Inpatient sheets aren't related (they would be different patients) but both have similar column headers (eg. Hospital, Surgery type, OR date, etc) that I would like to be able combine in order to have filters affecting Inpatient portions of a dashboard also affect the Day care portion.


      For instance, I have a dashboard showing number of inpatient surgeries performed by quarter from one sheet and number of day care surgeries performed by quarter from another. If I want to look at just one hospital, I currently have to filter both halves of the dashboard individually which is annoying. It also means that when I am looking at a specific surgery I can't combine the day care and inpatient surgeries into one viz as easily because they have different data sources and column headers.


      Any suggestions on how to get around this, or if it's even possible?