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    Need month parameter that covers two years

    Kristin Fitzpatrick

      I have two different sets of dates (both covering 2017-2018) that I want to control with a single "month" parameter formatted as a list of months. The catch is, I want the month to include data from that month in both 2017 and 2018.

      I've created a month slider (see "Current Parameter" in the attached), but the slider only selects a single month/year at a time.

      I want a parameter that lets users select one or more months but shows both years for those months, like filter in the "Desired functionality" tab in the attached. I'd use a filter for both, but the sets of dates are fundamentally different.

      I've found something close here, One Set of Date Filters to Rule Them All – Tableau After Dark but I don't want to select a range of time, I want to select a month that includes data from that month in both 2017 and 2018.


      Any suggestions? Seems so close, but I can't quite get it there. Thanks!!

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