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    Calculate daily average over specific date range

    Ali Rowshanaei



      I would like to create a calculation for average daily count of users over a specific date range regardless of the date range selected in the view. I want to use this for a reference line in a line chart.


      The line charts shows daily active users for the past 7 days. I want to add a reference line which is the average daily users for the past 3 months.


      I know I can create a calc like this which would give me the average daily users.


      AVG({ INCLUDE [Event Date] : COUNTD([User Id])})


      However, since my view has a the event date of past 7 days filtered, that won't work. Essentially I am wondering if I can create an LOD which would do this daily average for the past x number of Event Dates regardless of the view filter on Event Date.