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    Unexpected behavior of Buttons on Tableau Server

    Jyoti Singh

      Hello Everyone,


      I have 3 dashboards and navigation has been implemented using Action Filters and Buttons.

      Navigation from dashboard1 to dashboard2 using Action Filter and from (dashboard2 to dashboard3  & dashboard3 to dashboard2) using Buttons.


      Scenario 1 :

      When I am publishing my dashboard ( not as tabs), the buttons does not work and give the below error.

      "You don't have permissions to view the linked content"


      Scenario 2:

      I tried one approach where I just placed the Button on my dashboard1 and enabled the navigation for the same to dashboard2; and hided the button.(Note: I have not removed the existing Action filter on dashboard1).

      Now when I publish the dashboard (not as tabs) , I don't get that error anymore and Buttons work as expected.


      I am just curios, how exactly the Buttons work? Is it something like I need to publish the Button as a object in order to activate it on server?