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    External Service with Tableau Server | Rserve

    Gaurav Arora

      HI Everyone,


      Does Rserve needs to be run manually for Tableau Server as well i.e. when user is interacting at Tableau server then in order to run R codes does user need to run Rserve library by manually going to Rstudio or R.


      For tableau desktop, I understand we need to call and run Rserve library and instance manually but for server I am not able to understand.


      I have configured Rserve on tableau server using commands below:


      tabadmin stop

      tabadmin set vizqlserver.rserve.host

      vizqlserver.rserve.host localhost

      vizqlserver.rserve.port 6311

      tabadmin config

      tabadmin start

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          Nathan Mannheimer

          Hi Gaurav,


          RServe always run separately from Tableau, so just as with Tableau Desktop, for Tableau Server you need to have a running RServe instance on a machine with network access to the machine running Tableau Server.


          Tableau Server does not have it's own Rserve process, the configurations you are running simply point Tableau Server to the right host and port.