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    Count Unique

    Yunior Batista

      I have the following data and I need that when you select the currency in the parameter, the Unique count is also updated according to the currency. For some reason the "Measure" Unique count does not work with FIXED.
      I also want it to be filtered and only show the rows according to the selected currency


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          Deepak Rai

          Pl see attached.



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            Yunior Batista

            I'm sorry it doesn't work, this is what I expect as a result


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              Soumitra Godbole

              Hola Yunior,


                  Que Tal ? I just noticed this question and believe it must be a duplicate as it

              was already answered over a week ago. Here is the original thread:


              Displayed currencies correctly


              In case it is a duplicate, please close it else please disregard this message.

              Gracias !





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                Yunior Batista

                Hi, Soumitra

                It is not a duplicate, on that occasion we need a measure to make a parameter to select both currencies. This post I need to count the ID field based on the parameter selection. You can see the attached file


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                  Soumitra Godbole

                  Lo Siento ! My Bad (). Anyway since this simple problem has not been solved as yet,

                  so I decided to join the party and here is my simplified solution.



                  Also there was a small error in the solution that you displayed (shown in a red circle)

                  For ID 1, the 1 should actually be 0 (looking at your dataset and also 1 + 1 <> 1


                  All that I did was to add a single column called Sr No (Row No) to your original dataset.

                  I have also attached this modified dataset (excel file) along with the twbx file below.

                  Modified Dataset.png

                  I have attached the twbx file in version 10.5 (Hope that works for you). Let me know if this looks

                  right and is the solution you were looking for. Best wishes and quete via bien amigo !





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                    Soumitra Godbole

                    Also, here are the 2 New formulas that I forgot to add in the last sheet -


                    Formula 1 - Count (Dollars).png

                    Formula 2 - Count (Pesos).png

                    Hope this helps. Do let me know if this looks right. Hasta Luego !




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                      Yunior Batista

                      Thanks Soumitra...

                      In reality, what we need is not a view like Excel. It is an ID count when you select some currency in the parameter. The result of the count must be shown in a single column when selecting "Pesos", "Dollars" or "Both Currencies". Sorry but I didn't know

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                        Soumitra Godbole

                        De Nada Yunior ! No worries here is a simple solution and hope it answers your question.

                        It is for each scenario or Parameter value (Pesos, Dollar & Ambas or All)


                             PESOS Only

                        Pic 1.png


                             Dollar Only

                        Pic 2.png


                              AMBAS or All

                        Pic 3.png

                        Here we really need only the Name or ID and the Count but I have shown all three


                        Basically all I did was modify my earlier solution (from the Cool & Easy solution) with

                        3 counts (Pesos, Dollar & Ambas or All) to show only one column (based on the

                        parameter selected). Also 2 simple calculated fields were needed:


                        Formula 1 - Measures count.png

                        Formula 2  - Currency Filter.png


                        I have attached the twbx file (ver 10.5). Do let me know if the numbers look right and if this solves

                        your problem. Best wishes !



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                          Soumitra Godbole

                          Hola amigo, Que Tal ? Glad to know the solution was what you were looking for.

                          You can also modify it to create Horizontal Bars or other charts if needed.


                          It was really not a difficult problem but having defined what exactly one is looking for is

                          very helpful in such cases and you get an instant response. Also most folks here (with

                          the exception of at least one ) are solving over half a dozen or more problems a day

                          in addition to their work or daily activities.


                          Lastly what helped me to arrive at your solution was listening to that lovely vintage melody

                          "Siboney" composed by the legendary composer and prodigy Ernesto Lecuona and soulfully

                          rendered by the great tenor & baritone Placido Domingo. Quete via Bien !

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                            Yunior Batista

                            You are right in their recommendations, being clearer is the key ... although my English is not good.

                            If one day you want to travel to the cradle of Lecuona and other great artists, you have a Cuban friend to support you.

                            Thanks for your time.

                            Hasta la vista mi amigo.

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                              Soumitra Godbole

                              Gracias Yunior ! I should have guessed but was not sure when I saw the currency Pesos

                              in the last 2 questions.


                              In any case Siboney was only one classic, with other masterpieces like Andalucia

                              (adapted as "The Breeze and I" in the 40's sung by Dinah Shore / Xavier Cugat) and

                              the eternal and unforgettable Malagueña which is still an amazing instrumental piece

                              when heard on any string instrument with a haunting melody (thanks to the minor chords).


                              The others I remember were "Siempre en mi corazone" (adapted as "Always in my heart" ),

                              "Damisela Encantadoro" and others.


                              Other favorites include the evergreen, upbeat "Melao de Caña" (was it Celia Cruz ?) which is very

                              popular even today, especially at dance floors or when learning salsa. Hasta Luego Yunior !