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    Embedding Tableau into Blocs Web App

    Claire Douglas

      Hi all,

      We're trying to embed a Tableau visualization into Blocs (Web Design Software - Website Builder - Blocs ).  When I put a Tableau url into html I can get it to show up in a web browser.  However, it is staying blank in blocs.  Our developer is able to get another website to show in blocs, so it looks like this is a problem between Blocs and Tableau.  Has anyone embedded Tableau into Blocs before?  Following is a link that's working in Blocs.  Attached is html that is showing the Tableau viz.  Is there a class or something else that needs to be used?





      Blocs link that works:

      <embed src="https://blocstemplates.com" style="width:90%; height: 900px;" class="">


      Tableau link attempted:

      "https://public.tableau.com/views/EmbeddingTest_15647625281820/SuperstoreProfit?:embed=y&:display_count=yes&:toolbar=no&:… "