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    In Salesforce canvas hide toolbar or 'share' but allow exportToPDF

    Graham Marcus

      My business user wishes to hide both the tableau toolbar share and any disabled download link.

      Can you hide the hide the toolbar with 'ts.toolbar':'no' code option and also add the equivalent of Tableau Javascript API button to show the PDF dialog?

      Is this also available For show image dialog?  How about download to PDF?


      the Javascript API creates a viz object and adds the following: - is there a Canvas equivalent?

           function exportToPDF() {  viz.showExportPDFDialog();  }

           function exportToPNG() { viz.showExportImageDialog();  }

          <button onclick="exportToPDF();">Export PDF</button>

          <button onclick="exportToPNG();">Export Image</button>


      Any advice on combining Salesforce canvas via Sparkler and Javascript appreciated with many thanks.