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    What are the 30 most important resources for Desktop beginners?

    Andy Cotgreave


      Hi everyone

      I'm seeking to renew a list of 30 important resources for anyone starting their journey with Tableau Desktop and visual analytics. You can read about how lists like this inspired me 12 years ago here.


      What I seek from the Community is an updated list. Your hive mind is much more powerful than mine. And thus, I ask: What are the must-read resources you would share with someone who is beginning their Tableau journey?


      Please add your ideas using this Google Form


      I'm looking for the best foundational blogs, videos, whitepapers, workbooks, etc. I'm looking for the content that will educate, entertain and inspire. It does not have to be made by Tableau. It doesn't even necessarily have to be about Tableau, it could be about dataviz in general.


      Note: please begin a conversation by replying with your ideas, but I'll only be able to items to the list that were added via the Google Form.