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    Show corresponding column values of a specific row based on a max value

    Christian Kellner

      Hi Community,


      I have a rather straightforward problem.


      As you can see in the screenshot below, I show the max of incremental order entry via a quick table calculation. However, the two other measures (costs and percentage) still show the sum and #. As you can see via the percentage #, there are currently 242 matching values for the filters. However, I want to only show the corresponding values to the max incremental order entry value for the other measures. So the max order entry is 594 -> I want to show for costs and percentage the corresponding values for that row based on max order entry (in this case 594). So if for 594 max order entry, costs were 1.000.000 and percentage 5%, I want to show these values. So costs and percentage should show the corresponding row values based on the max order entry value.


      It should basically work like a vlookup function in Excel where you give out corresponding column values from a specified row based on a specific column value (in this case order entry).