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    Preserve geolocation point from any filter

    mbah mbul


      how can I preserve a value in a field (e.g. target city) which has been selected from any filter in the sheet


      for example, here i select wonosobo as targeting city that have -100 tonase(sisa)




      then i tried to add filter tonase(sisa) and filter only from 0 to 100 value , but then my selected city point is gone



      can somebody help me with this

      I tried with actions/filters and couldn't get it done...any tips/ideas?


      Thanks a lot!

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          Jim Dehner

          Good morning

          I am sorry I don't have language skills -I think you are trying to calculate the distance between 2 point - the new release 2019.3 has a Distance formula that would simplify the actual calculation- you can do this with sets and set actions -  Sarah Battersby demonstrated how to do this at the last conference - her file is attached - see the tab "Near By Starbucks"  - I also keep a solution on my tableau public site that uses a slightly different approach  to identify the client locations within a radius of any of several office locations - it is located at Tableau Public

          and includes How to   instructions   - it returns this   - feel free to download it to use as an example - that is why it is posted there





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            mbah mbul

            thankyou for your answer Jim Dehner , but that wasn't what i want , i've aleardy calculate my distance and it work, now the problem is i can't especially preserve my selected point location from any filter in the sheet , so it must always visible even when i filter it's value

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              Jim Dehner

              OK I understand a bit better now


              you can not filter out data and still have it visible - filtering limits the data in the data table that underlays the individual worksheet - but you can place the point IN a set - sets just create an IN and Out classification but do not eliminate data from the data table -  so you can have a selected point and all other points in the viz at the same time - that is what Sarah has done in her example previoousl posted



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                mbah mbul

                so you mean that i have to create set for what i selected and exclude it from filter Jim Dehner ?


                or can you edit my workbook?

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                  Jim Dehner

                  Sorry - I get lost in the language in your book - (that's my limited language skills )  but if you follow the model that Sarah set you will see she uses a "Selected Location"  in a set and then uses set actions to move the point In and Out of the selected set - but plots all the points (both in and out of set)

                  Maybe someone with better language skills could help you  (I just can't follow the dimensions/measures in your book)