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    Monthly KPI comparision

    ucant findme

      Hi Everyone,


      I am pretty much new to tableau and Started exploring since 3 days.


      I got an opportunity to work on a scenarios to calculate the Monthly KPI where it should show the latest month in Green or Red based on the comparison between the current and last month

      on the number if tickets .


      Also, the user wants to filter which should have Year, Month , Quarter and Day in it.


      and also Separate Year and month filter init. As soon the user select the year , this should show 2018,2019,2020 etc.

      for the quarter it should show 2018Q1 till 2019Q4 and so on.


      How do I achieve this. Please suggest.


      Attached is the dummy spreadsheet for your reference.

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          Jim Dehner

          Have you found Tableau's free on-line video training at  Tableau Training: View Training Courses


          excellent training resource will take you from getting started through advanced calcualtions



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            ucant findme

            Thanks for the quick response sir. I have to deliver the dashboard in 2 days.

            Any quick solution that you could give at this point of time based on the attached spread sheet?

            Thanks for all your support.

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              Soumitra Godbole

              Hello there ????,


                     I may not find you but you can always find me here ! I hope the 2 days are not up

              as yet and you won't need ANOTHER 48 HRS . Please find my Solution which was made

              in a hurry up so it does not look as appealing (but does seem to work).




              As you can see above, I have added some fictitious data for the year 2018 in addition to your data.

              This was to ensure the formulas and filters work correctly. I created a Date Period Parameter for

              Year, Quarter & Month. When you select a specific Date Period (Year/Quarter/Month) the values for

              the Select Date filter automatically change to the appropriate values/units based on your selection


              The Parameter and 4 main calculated fields are shown below. I hope you were able to go through

              training videos suggested by Jim in the earlier post and tried to create some of the visuals from the

              instructions given.






                  Calculated Fields:

              Formula 1.png

                   Based on the Parameter selection, the Date Units will automatically come into being


              Formula 2.png

                    The above is a useful Table Calculation that does the calculation first and so filtering does

                    not alter the result to be displayed.


              Formula 3.png

                    Another Table calculation that displays the previous value (since our comparison is only with

                    the previous month)


              Formula 4.png

                    This is the color field that shows a Red or Green if the Current Month No of Tickets is less than

                     or more than the previous month value. The reason for NULL is if we do not have data for a

                     previous month then we cannot really say if it has increased or decreased ie Green or Red.



                    Also here are screenshots for each scenario


                     Scenario 1 - Data for the Year 2019

              Dashboard 1.png


                   Scenario 2 - Data for the Quarter Q2 in 2018

              Dashboard 2.png


                   Scenario 3 - Data for the Month 11 (Nov) in 2019

              Dashboard 3.png

              I have also attached the excel spreadsheet below, along with twbx file (packaged workbook ver 10.5).

              Hope you find the above walk through useful and entertaining. Thanks !



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                ucant findme

                Thank you so much for the solution and the wonderful explanation.


                This is motivating me to explore more on tableau.




                On Sunday, 22 September 2019, Soumitra Godbole <tableaucommunity@tableau.com>

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                  Soumitra Godbole

                  Hello ???? (John Doe )


                      Glad to know it was useful and do let me know if you need any modifications

                  or further enhancements to the given solution. Best of luck with the Tableau exploration.

                  Lastly in case this answers your question, please mark as helpful, correct answer. Thanks !