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    What is the revenue contributed by customers after providing discount? (data blending and LODs)

    Sreekar Malladi

      Hello Members!



      I have the following request where I'm stuck -



      I have 2 data sources, one is published data source from Tableau server and other one is an excel in local system. I am blending the data based on columns - Center and Invoice No.



      My excel file contains only discounted invoices whereas my published data source has all sales invoices (including discounted invoices)



      My requirement is - I have to calculate the "Revenue" contributed by a customer in a center (we might have same customer in different centers but I am interested in how much revenue the customer contributed for that particular center only) after the day of discounted invoice.



      For example - In my attached Sample data workbook - in Discounted invoices sheet, Invoice #3 is for User ID - X in Center A in Sales data source on Sale Date = "02-01-2019". My desired output is "Revenue by customer X after discount date = Revenue on 4th Jan + Revenue on 11th Jan = 100+50 = 150".


      Subsequently, I have to calculate the frequency of visits these customers after discount date.



      Any help is greatly appreciated! TIA