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    Extracted Data

    Seb Bec

      Hello TB Community,

      I am reaching out in hopes of getting some advice on extract

      I have a dashboard (map) that populates certain customer information
      based on country/city

      In the development workspace -live (tableau desktop), all
      data is displayed correctly  then I:

      1. Extract Data
        (Data>TableName(DBName)>Extract Data
      2. Export Package to create the twbx file  but the end package is missing data (see
        attachment pix)


      I have ensure there are no extracted filters configured and
      all rows selected

      recreated the data source connection, refresh and extract

      try https://kb.tableau.com/articles/issue/data-missing-from-extract-but-from-not-live-connection

      but no luck so far


      using SQL 2014

      TB 10.3.1

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          Don Wise

          Hello Seb,

          In your example .jpg, lower right-hand corner, there's a message for you.  It's gray and says: '4 Unknown'.  Click on it and resolve the issue in the dialog box that opens up. Could be a variety of reasons depending on how your geofields are set up or being used.  I believe your data is there, Tableau just can't correctly interpret it for some reason, which is why it's displaying that message.  Best, Don

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            Seb Bec

            Many thanks for your reply Don,

            As stated, in the live dashboard everything is fine. I did fixed
            all (unknown) locations before extracting and exporting it.


            I should not have to redefine the (unknown ) location after data has been extracted and exported every.

            Besides, in an "extracted file, users cannot edit the
            location anyways.

            The extract file have several places where certain unknowns
            are not extracted hit, the question regarding missing data "after" data extraction

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              Michael Gillespie

              The data is not missing.  It's in the workbook but Tableau can't resolve it to a specific place.  You have to do what you did BEFORE you did the extract once again AFTER the extract.


              You absolutely can edit what you need to edit.  You're not affecting the underlying data; that remapping happens in the workbook, not in the data source.


              Do what Don suggests.  It will fix your problem.

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                Seb Bec

                Thank you Don for pointing me to the right direction, your
                advice worked.

                I think what was very confusing is that data populated the
                map correct (all locations).  The problem
                was just exporting the package. So even though it was fine on design workspace,
                I changed all the locations using Latitude/Longitudinal coordinates instead of
                the actual city/country names (very painful though).


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                  Don Wise

                  Great...if you could close the thread by marking a response as correct?  Best, Don