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    Parse Date without Using DATEPARSE

    chen zhu


      My date has two format:



      The date above is March 7 2013. The problem is that the leading 0 is optional. Since I am using ODBC, DATEPARSE  is not supported. Is there a other way to convert the string to date format?



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          Hari Ankem

          See if this helps:




              INT(SPLIT([Date in String Format],"/",3)),

              INT(SPLIT([Date in String Format],"/",2)),

              INT(SPLIT([Date in String Format],"/",1))



          Note: Replace the "Date in String Format" with the string dimension that needs to be converted to date format.

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            Jim Dehner

            good morning

            depending on the data source you may not be able to use Makedate()  

            in those cases you can try Date()


            or just click on the ABC icon and recast to date


            either will return this



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