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    Dcount: Unique customer by Country/region and Overall

    Satyapal Rawat


      I am new in Tableau and trying to create a trading report.

      I have 100s of clients who are trading with us on monthly basis and I would like to see their trend MoM and YoY

      Since data size is big I would like to categorize clients into 12 different buckets i.e. 0 to 10%, 10 to 20% .... 100% then 0 to -10%, -10% to - 20% etc.

      My database has multiple rows for same customer (one customer is trading in multiple countries) as we have different product, geography , type etc. and We would like to see the trading from all angle.


      I am able to create distribution based on transaction as it's simple sum but not able to do it for customer count. I am using COUNTD but somehow it's not giving me right results. I get grand total correct but number of client in each buckets are not correct.


      Ultimately, I would like to create below:

         Please help.

      Regards, Satyapal



      Unique Customers


      YoY Txn diff of month "1"

      01% to 10%13.73%41.0
      10% to 20%11.76%249.0
      20% to 40%5.88%261.0
      40% to 60%5.88%11.0
      60% to 90%5.88%87.0
      -10% to -20%9.80%-34.0
      -20% to -40%21.57%-356.0
      -40% to -60%11.76%-70.0
      -60% to -90%11.76%-109.0
      Grand Total100.00%299.0