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    Point of Rental software connection?

    Lauren Alexander

      Has anyone tried to connect Tableau to Point of Rental software (POR)? Have you been successful in creating reports?

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          Ken Flerlage

          I have not used this software, but after some quick research, it appears to be cloud-based. In that case, it's unlikely that you'd be able to connect directly to the backend database. Thus, the next option would be to look at APIs. It's not obvious from their website, so you may need to speak with them to see if they have any APIs available. If so, then you might need to have a programmer pull data using the API and load it into some other database which can be accessed by Tableau. Another option would be to write a Web Data Connector for Tableau, which will allow you to connect directly to the system via API. For more see https://tableaumagic.com/creating-a-web-data-connector-part-1/