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    Backlog sum by month

    Eberth Romeroll

      Hello Community,


      I would like to ask for some help, I have a backlog since 2015 to 2019, what I'm looking to do is:

      1.- April's total backlog: SUM all Open from April 2019 to previous months

      2.- On May: Sum April's total backlog and in stacked show new data on May 2019

      3.- On Jun: Sum May's backlog and in stacked show new data from Jun 2019

      and do this in the next months


      I'm looking to something like this:


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          Kelly McGrady

          IF LOOKUP([All Open], -1) then "Old"

          ELSE "New" END


          Something like this would work I think

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            Eberth Romeroll

            Hello Kelly,


            I appreciate your response, I did not understand it at all, could you elaborate it a little bit more?



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              Zach Leber

              I think switching your measure to a running total would get you close. You can do that with one click. See attached image.

              running total.png

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                Zach Leber

                Beyond the quick table calculation, if you define new measures


                Running Total = RUNNING_SUM(SUM([Number of Records]))

                Previous Total = LOOKUP([Running Total],-1)

                New Records = [Number of Records]


                then with measure names and a dual axis you can format per your original picture.


                See embedded image and attached TWBX.


                running total 3.png

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                  Soumitra Godbole

                  Hola Eberth,


                      I believe this is a duplicate problem as it was already answered and  the thread

                  was closed. Here is the original thread.


                  Add backlog for month


                  Please check and verify.





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                    Eberth Romeroll

                    Hello Soumitra,


                    I have other doubt about my report and I would like to ask for your help, could you advise?


                    Muchas gracias

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                      Soumitra Godbole

                      Ola Eberth ! Como estas ?

                      Sure ! Is it a new one or the one we discussed

                      the last time ?

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                        Eberth Romeroll

                        Actually it is the same one, I want to do this chart check it out

                        But I'm struggling to create the date in this way,


                        Here is what the table should look like:


                        MesBacklog BLBacklog New

                        On August should subtract the 78 Status= Closed

                        How ever on September 2019 if there are new Closed it should not affect the ones from August


                        The data source is the same as the one I sent in the original post, could you advise? please

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                          Soumitra Godbole

                          Wow ! This is almost a 180 degree turn from what the original problem mentioned.


                          I got what you need but there seems to be an error with your totals as

                          469 - (0+2+7+18+38) = 404 and not 391.


                          I'll try working on it and hope to have something soon. Before I even attempt it, I need to

                          verify some numbers as I don't wish to end up spending time on a wild goose chase that

                          is not solvable.


                          I will gladly help but you need to close the duplicate thread as it creates unnecessary

                          confusion and the folks who sincerely attempt and answer the question do not get

                          any credit will get discouraged.


                          Here is what I need from you. Close this duplicate thread and create a new one with

                          the correct specifications like you showed me. This way we know that the increments

                          are to be deducted and not added i.e. the bars get smaller every month.


                          Also keep it open to others in case someone has a better solution and takes less time

                          to solve it. This way you are being fair to everyone and may the least hopeless person win.


                          I will definitely answer it as it does not seem too hard compared to the earlier solution.


                          Let me know if you are fine with this suggestion. In any case you will get the

                          right answer so you have nothing to lose. I am more interested in solving it than

                          getting points. Either way you have nothing to lose and i have nothing to gain except the

                          joy of solving the problem.

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                            Eberth Romeroll

                            Hi Soumitra, actually I started looking at the source date as you mentioned, I realized the date was not in a good structure to help with this chart I was looking, so after I shape the data I could fix it.


                            Thanks so much for your comments

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                              Soumitra Godbole

                              Hola Eberth ! Glad to know and congratulations for fixing it. I believe you have made

                              a good amount of progress on your own. Also as and when you have spare time, go

                              through the training videos and try to build those visuals by yourself. Best wishes !