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    How to covert 0 into empty fields when using Count Distinct Table Calc


      Hello Everyone,


      Hoping someone can help me with my problem.


      I have a list of customer names as a dimension as well as parameter. I also created 2 calculated fields that includes simple if statements to show case ID / avg days if customer parameter equals to customer name.


      Then I pulled together a cross tab that shows Distinct Count of case IDs and Avg Days (from if statements) for each client in the list. The idea is that I only want to see values for a client selected in the parameter and not other clients.


      It works fine, however, the Count Distinct shows -0- for customers that are not selected (it is not the case for avg days as it shows empty fields). I want my Distinct Count to show empty fields similarly to the avg days. Is there a way to go about it?


      Below is the screenshot. I have also attached the workbook.