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    Tableau Calculation based on Dimension Value

    Shreyasi Thota



      I am trying to create a measure that gives me a value based on the dimension. Below is a screenshot of the table which has details of the spend generated by 2 business types, I want to show another column that has % of total spend.

      I tried the below case statement but it doesn't seem to work. My final table should just show the type of business, revenue and the % of total. For the first type I want it to divide (spend for small business)/ total spend, for the second it has to take (spend for large business)/total spend and so on all for type.

      CASE [Type]

      WHEN 'Small business' then [Small Busines Indicator]/[totalspend]

      WHEN 'Large busines Indicator' then [Large Busines Indicator]/[totalspend]



      Thank you in advance