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    Duplication of data in my measurement after blending ?

    Benoit Carer

      Hi Guys,


      I am a new user of tableau and trying to figure out my way in combining data  from 3 different sources and obtain sum of single values adding various dimensions from different sources.


      For whatever reason I cannot get the correct sum of Sales per project  and I was wondering if any one could help : I have been trying blending  join , union is not possible because data sources are different layout and calculated LOD using FIXED formula were not successful



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          Jim Dehner

          Blending will result in duplication of records also limits the functionality available to you in tableau


          if you MUST blend you need to consider which values come from the primary source (they are not aggregate in a calculation)  and which come from the secondary ( they are aggregate as you bring them into the primary source) and account for that in the formulas you create




          try to create a join that results in a single combined data set - without seeing the twbx workbook and understanding the data structures it is difficult to be of much help

          in general joining will allow you to extend the dimension (Number of column)  - just have to think through what you want in the result

          e.g.  if you are pulling data from an erp system and you have all you sales data and you want to pull in data from the material master you would join on the Product ID



          If you can share the workbook - even with dummy data  we can be more specific



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