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    How to view as type number a decimal number with dot for decimals in Tableau Desktop 2019.2.3

    Juan Alfonso Campos de Lara

      Hello everybody,


      I'm having problems trying to connect to a CSV file where the columns with decimal numbers have a dot as the separation between the integer and the decimal part.


      They are shown as a string and when I change it to decimal number all the values appear as null.


      I've been looking in posts about it and the suggest to change the Regional configuration of the file (https://kb.tableau.com/articles/issue/decimal-numbers-turn-into-null?lang=es-es - https://kb.tableau.com/articles/issue/decimal-numbers-turn-into-null?lang=en-en), but after reading the post I still can't find where that option is or any other alternative to be able to see that columns with the right type and format.


      Please, could anyone help?


      Thanks and regards,