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    how can show Rank, that should not influenced by the breakdown field in column shelf

    Rayalla Niveditha

      Hi community,


      please find the attachment, I need to display the ranking for revenue for whole year and for month wise as well,


      i do have month field as a breakdown in column self, I have excluded the month field and displayed with as discrete measure in row self...and i do have the same measure under text self.. revenue displayed for each month (field in column shelf) as well, but when I started giving Rank for the total revenue for the year.. it still giving rank for the revenue based on month basis please try to help me to sort out this problem.



      Note: exclude lod is not working I already tried using it... please let me know are there any ways to reslove...


      please see the highlighted part, i dont want to rank the same year sales total amount multiple times.., rank is influence by month field please assist ASAP


      thank   you!!