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    Back data not displaying

    Garima Vohra



      My chart is created by using Measures in Rows and Columns like below



      Problem is when I publish my chart on the Tableau server and I click on one of the bars trying to drill down into back data, it is not letting me do it. I mean when I click on the bar from the chart i don't see the dotted icon that I usually see to see to get to the back data from the chart(not from clicking 'Download'). Help!!


      Thanks a lot,


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          Marc Reid

          Hi Garima,


          Do you have your tooltips enabled in the view?  If not, you won't see the toolbar show to be able to access the underlying data.  E.g. below image shows the same view with tooltips enabled and not enabled when I click on the top bar:

          Toolip enabled and not enabled.png


          To enable tooltips, check the check box as shown below:


          Enable tooltips.png


          Hope it helps.