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    Pivot a Data from Excel

    Shrey Jain

      Can we pivot below data in tableau from  excel in proper format.





      The data in tableau must show as:


      REGION     Month      Target   Actual

      North             Sept -19       243          765

      South             Sept -19        34         34

      East               Sept -19        77            34

      West              Sept -19        56            89

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          Hari Ankem

          Since you have not shared your actual data file, I presume it's in this format:




          You will need to clean it with the data interpreter and then go for the pivot as shown below and then proceed from there.






          Hope this helps.

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            Manjula Muppavaram

            Hi Shrey Jain,


            Please find attached twbx file for reference, if it is useful please mark as correct.




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              Shrey Jain

              Hi Hari,


              Year-month field is not sorted as it is a text field. is there any way we can make it a date field, that sorts my months Sep-19, oct-19 , nov-19 and so on automatically.



              also as of now I am having only 2 months data , in future I will be getting future months data ( nov , dec , jan …. so on), Do I need to pivot the future months each time a month get append in the excel?

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                Hari Ankem

                We can convert it into a Date format so that the sorting will work. You can then display it in any suitable format you like.


                Year-Month: DATE(DATEPARSE("YY-MMM",SPLIT([Pivot Field Names]," ",1)))



                If your data is going to continue to be in this format, then yes, you will need to pivot every month. I would rather suggest that you get the format changed so that the new monthly data come in as rows rather than columns.


                Hope this helps.