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    Cause affecting Refreshing Speed

    yinting wong

      Hi All,


      Currently, my dashboard refrshing speed is very slow. It takes almost 10s++ to refresh by only applying 1 filter changes. May I know the root cause?


      Actually, I need a lot of calculated field to calculate 1 value. May I know:

      1. A lot of calculated field will better than nested formula? (Nested Example). Am I need to split it into multiple calculated field instead of nested it?


      2. Insert formula in the sheet itself will affect the speed? Or I need to add it in calculated filed?


      3. Will it be a table refreshing speed will faster than an object? Should I reduce the object (cell) by making and combine it into a table form?

           (one table; by using MIN(0) and (1) to combine it into a table)



                (cell by cell to make it align)


      Thanks in advance.

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          Abdul Munaf

          HI Yinting


          Follow the below steps

          1. Delete all unwanted sheets

          2. Hide all Unused fields in your data pane

          3. Limit your data by adding a Datasource filter(If possible)

          4. Also, you can try to create an Extract of your data if possible

          5. Delete all unwanted calculated field.

          6. Try to create all calculation field in the data pane and then use it in the view.

          7. also do a performance recording to your workbook and figure out the worksheet where the elapsed time is too Long


          These are some of the steps that might help you in resolving the issue. Try this and update your comments




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            Mavis Liu

            Hi Yinting,


            If you have quite a few of those nested calculations (either within a calculated field or split into multiple fields) we always suggest pushing it to calculated at the data source level rather than in Tableau.


            Also, if you have multiple worksheets in a dashboard, then it will take time for the view to load and render.