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    Disable sort option for rows-without making discrete(as must have Grand Totals for Columns)

    swetha k

      I have data like cities in rows and status in columns.(Status has 5 different types like active, cancelled, closed....). I need grand totals for all the status in a new column and have sorting option for all the individual status(Active, cancelled, closed...) and also grand total. Count of Id is the measure.


      Now, cities are also having the sorting option which makes users more confused as sorting on single city shuffles the status(like cancelled, active, closed). To disable sorting option i tried

      1) Blank-as action filters do not work on grand totals. Clicking on cities will give the action filter for grand total. So cannot use blank as click option is totally disabled by blank.


      2)Index/Rank/Attribute: Converting to discrete will not give grand total.(need to be continues data)


      Note: Tried workaround calcs for grand total-action filter was working but not sorting option as it is converting to discrete. Both sorting & action filter are important for user.


      Can anyone pls help.